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We’ve been on our combined financial journey since we graduated college in 2016. But it wasn’t until Summer 2020 that we decided to pursue FIRE with the goal of retiring from our full-time jobs before 40. And even still, it wasn’t until Spring 2022 before we decided to start documenting our journey publicly on this blog and our Instagram account.

Why Start a Blog and Instagram Account?


We’re obsessed with our finances and love to talk about it.


We both have side-hustles and feel like this would be a great addition. Specifically, we love to create content and build brands – it’s a passion of ours.


We’ve been inspired by a handful of other creators on YouTube and Instagram.

Our Goal

We want to share our journey with others so they can learn from our mistakes and be inspired by our wins.

And although we are sharing our journey publicly, we wish to remain anonymous for the time being. We hope that by sharing our path to FIRE that we can both inspire others and keep ourselves accountable.

So, What Will This Blog All Include?

We hope to share regular updates as we navigate our Financial Independence, Retire Early journey.

  • Financial Goals
  • Monthly Net Worth Updates
  • Monthly Budgeting Overviews
  • FIRE Chats & Random Thoughts
  • Ways to Save Money
  • Our Portfolio
  • Growing Our Income

Who Are We?

If you’d like to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it, then check out our About Us page where we share all most of the details. 😉

Thanks for following along!

Disclaimer: We are not financial experts and this is not financial advice.

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