Hey there!

We’re a husband/wife duo working towards Financial Independence. Both in our late 20’s and working in the tech space, we love the idea of retiring from our full-time jobs before 40.

We both graduated with Bachelors degrees from a 4-year university and have been working full-time for about 6 years. We’ve been married for 2 years but have been working towards mutual financial goals for the past 6. We currently fall into the DINK category (Dual Income, No kids) and we consider ourselves high-income earners, especially for our ages. We live in Idaho and recently became home owners.

We became debt free in April 2019 (yay no more student loans) and still consider ourselves consumer debt free because the only debt we have is our newly acquired mortgage.

We hope to retire from our traditional jobs by 40, allowing us to spend more time with our *future* children, exploring hobbies, and traveling the world.

If you’re wondering where our blog name came from, then we recommend reading this blog post all about The Defining Dollar.